Predictive Programming and the Myth of Overpopulation

Henry Kissenger

Henry Kissinger once stated, "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people." An ancient military tactic to withhold food from the enemy in order to starve an enemy into submission. Although most wouldn't want to believe it, the idea of starving the general population is alive and well today. Under the pretext of 'too many people on the planet,' or 'overpopulation,' propaganda of impending food shortages caused by too many mouths to feed has been propagated through the media for a couple of generations to get the idea across to the public that if we don't get rid of a few billion people on the planet, there won't be enough food to go around.


There is nothing new in scaring the public into the idea of 'overpopulation' as the British Reverend Thomas Malthus was talking about it in the 1800's, highlighting the potential dangers of overpopulation in his propaganda piece Theory of Population, believing an increase in population would eventually outgrow the food supply, meaning that as humans keep breeding, a point would be reached where there is ‘not enough resources to go round,’ resulting in the starvation of the weakest in what he called a ‘Malthusian catastrophe.’


Malthus viewed overpopulation as the fountain of all misery and believed in depopulation by any means necessary. In his essay on the ‘Principle of Population’ he writes: ‘All the children who are born, beyond what would be required to keep up the population to a desired level, must necessarily perish, unless room be made for them by the death of grown persons... if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use...and court the return of the plague.’


Thomas MalthusMalthus was saying that if people were not willing to be starved to death, there were other forms of destruction, such as the spread of disease, which he also believed using vaccines and zoning programs against the poor was a good idea, segregating everyone from each other, especially the rich from the poor. These ideas were the foundations, or the beginnings of the self-preservation method for the ruling class, the systematic extermination of the lower classes. This is Eugenics; the poor and the lower members of the social scale were discouraged from having children, while the elite of society have as many as they like because all the rules they make up for the general public don't apply to them.


Some will say that that was over two hundred years ago that was the 1800's; they don't do things like that anymore. Unfortunately, 'they' are doing things like that all the time, the ideas of Malthus are still with us; the same message has been coming through from various different sources for at least the last two hundred years. Hitler was a big fan of these ideas but he gave Eugenics a bad name; it resurfaced back in the West as Margaret Sangers Planned Parenthood, with the friendly, appealing title of "Family Planning," which is still the basic idea of Eugenics to stop the lower classes from breeding; and if they accidently do get pregnant, they can get an abortion.


How Is Overpopulation transmitted to the People?

The idea of the overpopulation myth is transmitted down to the people through the media industrial complex. If people got rid of their TV's, didn't read newspapers or magazines, you wouldn't know any of this was happening. When someone comes along and says to you there are too many people on the planet, the planet is heating up, or the planet is cooling down, or that we are descendants of monkeys, or that your fridge is causing the ozone layer to collapse, if you weren't plugged into the Matrix, if you lived away from civilization and weren't plugged into any of it, you wouldn't know any of it. Hearing all this stuff for the first time, you would think this was the rambling of a crazy person, you would tell them to go away or you'll call the police. But through a few generations of indoctrination, everyone believes what the celebrity "experts" and salespeople in the media are saying, no one questions anything, everyone quite wrongly takes these so called "experts" at their word because they wouldn't lie, would they? Month after month, year after year and generation after generation everyone blindly believing the same "messages of long duration," as Jacques Ellul put it. All the propaganda coming from the media is considered normal because all the "experts" keep talking about the same impending crisis, over and over and over again.


It is no accident that newspapers such as The Telegraph in the UK put out stories about the impending food crises that the world is apparently heading for in the very near future because the world has too many people. A handy government adviser with no name tells us meat could become a luxury by 2040.


They are predicting we will be competing for food on a global scale and that food prices are going to double and in some cases treble. Not just fruits and vegetables, but everything. They are telling us that the era of cheap food is over.


The majority of people will just look at articles like those and buy into every word. They will say that it's terrible; something should be done about all these people, people should stop having babies. However, if you are like me and question the official story line - you are a 'conspiracy theorist.' I have always found it interesting that if you put a thousand 'conspiracy theorists' in a room, you wouldn't get a thousand different answers on any of these subjects, you would get one thousand self-governing individuals who came by their own information independently and all arrived at the same conclusion; that maybe what the paid "experts" from the media industrial complex are saying is not quite the whole story.


The media industrial complex keeps telling the public over and over again that there will be very little food in the future. Even thou all these "experts" and institutions keep telling us there will be no food, that this is a crisis for humanity, they don't appear to be particularly rushed to do anything about it, they just keep telling you there will be no food in the future. They can predict almost the exact time that we are going to experience food shortages and the only things they are doing about it is looking at ways to persuade the public to get their protein from insects. If this was movie you had gone to see at the cinema, upon leaving you would say the film was crap, that it was totally unbelievable, that doesn't happen in real life.


What most people will find hard to believe is that the media industrial complex has been telling the public for a long time what is to come, but what you thought was entertainment was in fact the vision of your future. The ruling elite seems to like to tell the public what they are really up to. It is called predictive programming. Predictive programming gives the general public of the future they are bringing about. Media fiction, especially science fiction shape concepts of an 'inevitable future.'


Hollywood has inserted the same ideas into films. When the viewer watches these films, the mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. Movies are designed to program the average person for future events. Looking more closely at these films you can also give the perceptive viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda. Predictive programming is the time when the establishment is actually showing the public what they are doing to them.


Soylent GreenIf you look at many of the movies since the nineteen eighties, you will see a disturbing reality of the future world is the absence of food, and the only food that is available is very poor, scarce and expensive. The American science fiction film Soylent Green from 1973 shows an overpopulated Earth in despair in 2022 (about the same time the article from The Telegraph newspaper is predicting)


The movie shows us that natural fruits; vegetables and meat are practically non-existent. The Earth is overpopulated, and New York City has forty million starving, poverty stricken people living in squalor. The only way they survive is with water rations and eating a mysterious food called Soylent because there isn't much natural food and what is available is expensive and isn't worth eating.


There are many films that are predicting a dark future for humanity; it is time to start looking at the world around you and stop buying into the media celebrity sales people. Switch off you TV and start reading books, my book Scientific Slavery: Mind Control for a New World Order would be a good place to start. You will find that the truth is a lot more interesting than fiction. The media is a billion dollar mind control machine that is commandeering your mind, preselling you on the idea of a New World Order. The new ordering of the world is not possible without your participation. You need to get your own mind back, there is still time.


Scientific Slavery

Scientific Slavery

Mind Control For A New World Order

The dominant Elite of every era has controlled all sectors of society from the top down, working in mysterious and usually cruel ways only fully decipherable to the select few. These "High Priests" of the New World Order knew the best way to conquer a man is to capture his mind, and possessed the intuitive understanding of how to manipulate and influence the mind. When man discovered he could take full advantage of his brother, use fake empathy and understanding in order to exert power over him, he then proved man's capacity for evil knows no bounds.

Through the ages, nothing has changed; there is nothing new under the sun, our "Illumined" masters still seek to enslave mankind with ever more ingenious ways to lie, cheat and steal, to deceive the public into accepting a life they would otherwise reject.

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