Death of Reality
Scientific Slavery

From the Author Steve Bishop,

There is nothing new about the society we find ourselves in. Since ancient times high priests handed down only knowledge that they deemed fit for society. The general public had no idea their ruling masters were feeding them worthless lies, half-truths and fabrications to deliberately undermine them to benefit the elite of society.

Thousands of years later nothing has changed, except the 'Dominant Minority' are no longer called high priests; today they are called 'experts,' 'politicians,' 'stars,' 'doctors,' 'celebrities,' 'scientists' or 'professors.'

Virtually every time you switch on the TV, turn on the radio; read a newspaper or a magazine, or learn anything from school, you're being exposed to PROPAGANDA, which has been so successful in the last one hundred years that the public doesn't suspect for one minute that they are being deceived; trained to mindlessly think that the world just moves along at its own pace, on its own timetable with events unfolding naturally over time, never comprehending that subversive elements have taken: "a long marched through the institutions."

The public has no conception that the knowledge flowing through the media is a politically constructed reality, funded by destabilizing organizations to produce politically correct ideas, viewpoints, attitudes and behaviours that society should accept as important, normal and relevant.

Just like the High Priests of the ancient past, the SCHOOL SYSTEM and the MEDIA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX has never stated it was there job to develop and nurture a rational thinking person, or to advance any universal knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

Doesn't it appear strange that no matter where you are on the planet at any one moment in time, every person is listening, reading or watching the same “news?” Most of society is completely unconscious to the fact they are being persuaded by techniques that fly under the conscious radar, never perceiving that their ideas and opinions on important subjects were engineered by the ruling establishment for their own ends.

That's about to change...

If you want to know how the ruling High Priests of todays society breed and train a standardized psychologically controlled citizenry. If you want to know how the ruling high priests put down dissent and originality, train society into obedience to authority, control populations to deliberately dumb them down in order that government might proceed unchallenged and corporations might never want for obedient labour... you need to read...