Scientific Slavery

Mind Control For A New World Order

Ancient political philosophers controlled society through illusion and deception, casting magic spells over the masses to keep the profane in the dark. Down through the ages nothing has changed; there is nothing new under the sun. "Illumined" masters still seek to enslave mankind with ever more ingenious ways to lie, cheat and deceive the public into accepting a life they never asked for.

Scientific Slavery reveals how the Illumined High Priests are still here, applying scientific technique to psychologically construct a new man with the help of the Media Industrial Complex, a Matrix style new-age digital display of the ruling establishment’s glittering system-of-things, an open-air mind control laboratory of scientific experimentation to guide in the New World Order.

Every so often a person or group stumbles upon the truth who question the 'officially' accepted myths of the age, Steven M. Bishop is such a person. Scientific Slavery challenges the 'Establishments' official version of 'truth' to reveal how the mind has been usurped and controlled under an empire of illusion.

Engineering World Consciousness Through An Empire Of Illusion

  • If I We're the Devil by Paul Harvey (1965)

    Paul Harvey's famous speech "If I We're The Devil," broadcasted on April 3, 1965. Harvey considered how the devil might undermine society over a period of time, he was talking about how the New World Order could be brought about.

  • The Myth of Overpopulation

    The idea of the overpopulation myth is transmitted down to the people through the media industrial complex. If people got rid of their TV's, didn't read newspapers or magazines, you wouldn't know any of this was happening.